TifaWARE | MS-DOS Programs

The following are some simple programs for MS-DOS I developed in the 1980s and early 1990s. In many cases, I released the code into the public domain, to help others in the same way I was helped by ready availability of source code.

* Ask v1.1c
A utility for asking questions in batch files, with support for an optional time-out. Written in assembly language.
* Awk Reviews v3
A collection of reviews of the programming language AWK. One review covers the language itself; another, various implemtnations of AWK for DOS.
* CC v2.1d
A filter for processing files with embedded ASA carriage controls; eg, from an IBM mainframe running MVS or CMS. Written in C.
* Date v1.3d
A utility to display the current date and time. Useful for logging actions in batch files. Written in assembly language.
* DV Clock v1.1b
A no-frills digital clock for DESQview. It runs in a 20K window and uses very little CPU time. Written in C and requires DVLib.
* DVLib, v1.0b
A library of functions for working with the DESQview API from C or assembly language. Written in assembly language.
* EatMem v1.1
A simple utility to reduce the amount of conventional DOS memory available to programs. Useful for testing DOS programs that must run with a small footprint. Written in assembly language.
* ErrLvl v1.2f
A utility to report the return code of the preceding program. Note: the technique used here will work with only selected versions of DOS. Written in assembly language.
* Quote v2.5b
A random quote generator that reads quotes from a plain text file. Written in C.
* Recall v1.2
A commandline editor and history TSR. Written in assembly language.
* Ring v1.4e
A utility to ring the console bell, optionally on error. Written in assembly language.

You're welcome to retrieve the programs here and use them; each is available as a ZIP file. Understand, however, that free software has its drawbacks - in this case, that means no support! Write if you must, but most likely I will simply file away your note. You have the source, and I'd like to think the code is well-commented. If you're having trouble, delve into it and see if you can make whatever mods you need.

TifaWARE | MS-DOS Programs

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