TifaWARE | Perl Programs

Here are some perl programs I have written that go beyond being just simple scripts.


* describe-nessus-plugin
A simple script to print out assorted descriptive information about Nessus plugins.
* sd2nbe
A filter to convert Nessus session data to NBE format.
* update-nessus-plugins
A tool for updating plugins available to a Nessus server, optionally backing up existing plugins, parsing new / modified ones for errors, and summarizing changes.
* update-nessusrc
A script used to update Nessus client configuration files, enable and disable plugins that scan for vulnerabilities.

System Administration

* install-app
A handy utility for installing and upgrading software, whether compiling from source or using a package manager.
* log-guardian
A tool to monitor log files and react when lines match specified patterns.
* lsappi
A simple script to list information about application installs as recorded in application info files.
* update-blocklist
A script to update an iptables-based firewall to block inbound traffic using a dynamic list as maintained by DShield.org and a static list maintained locally.


* Curses::UI::Notebook
A notebook widget for Curses::UI.
* hm2mbox
A tool for converting messages from a Hypermail mailing list archive to a Unix mbox file. [NB: this only works with archives created by Hypermail 2.1.8 or later.]
* purge-binaries
A tool for newsmasters to remove binary articles from their news spools. Works as a channel with innd.

TifaWARE | Perl Programs

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